Civil-Military Coordination Events


EVENT                                                         DAY                TIME                LOCATION

RC East Stakeholders Conference                          23   January             All day                    Kabul

Kabul Civil-Military Working Group                       24   January             2-4 pm                  Kabul

Eastern Region Civil-Military Working Group        29   January             10-12 am               Jalalabad

CMCOORD training – Kabul                                   04-06 February        4 days                   Kabul

CMCOORD training – Kabul                                   07-11 February        4 days                   Kabul

PRT pre-deployment Training                                11-15 February       4 days                    Germany

Civil-Military Working Group                                 28 Feruary              2pm                      Kabul

Kabul Civil-Military Working Group                      (information)

Regional Command East Transition Meeting          06 April                   Invite only               Kabul

ISAF PRT Conference                                              07 April                   To be confirmed      Kabul

PRT Working Group    (Invite only)                          23 April                   11-12 am               Kabul

Kabul Civil-Military Working Group                       24 April                   2pm                        UNAMA

Eastern Region Civil-Military WG                           29 April                   TBC                          Jalalabad

CMCOORD Training Qatar                                      4-9 May                                                 Qatar

ISAF Conference Brunssum                                    13-15 May               To be confirmed      Nertherlands


Kabul Civil Military Working Group                       29 May                    2pm                          Kabul

Kabul Civil-Military Working Group                      26 June                   2pm                           Kabul

Germany NATO Pre-deployment training              01-04 July                                               NATO School

PRT Working Group                                               02 July                    10am                         Kabul

PRT Woring Group                                                 02 September         3 pm                          Kabul

Kabul Civil-Military Working Group                      04 Sep                    2pm                           Kabul

ISAF PRT Conference                                             10 Sep                    All day                       Kabul

Kabul Civil-Military Working Group Secretariat     17 Sep                   12pm                          Kabul

Kabul Civil-Military Working Group                      24 Sep                    2pm                           Kabul

Kabul PRT Working Group (by invite only)             15 Oct                    3pm

Civil-Military Coordination Training Kenya           12-17 Oct                                                 Nairobi, Kenya

Kabul Civil-Miliiltary Working Group Secrectariat   23 Oct                   11.30                          Kabul

NATO pre-deployment Training (by invite only)    20-24 Oct                                                Germany

Kabul Civil-Military Working Group                       30 Oct                    2pm                          Kabul

Kabul Civil-Military Working Group                       27 Nov                   2pm                          Kabul

French Rapid Reaction Corps CIMIC Seminar (Cancelled)       2-3 Dec                                   France

NATO pre-deployment training (invite only)         2-11 Dec                                                 Norway

Disaster coordination meeting (invite only)          17 Dec                    TBC                            Kabul

Kabul Civil-Military Working Group                      18 Dec                    2pm                          Kabul


Dutch German Corps training                                27/28 Jan                                             Germany

Kabul Civil-Military Working group                       29 Jan                    2pm                          Kabul

PRT training NATO school Germany                     16-20 Feb                                              Germany

PRT Conference Kabul                                        25/26 Feb                                              Kabul

Kabul Civil-Military Working group                       05 March                2pm                          Kabul

Kabul Civil-Military Working group                       26 March                2pm                          Kabul

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